Vi ved vi har super dygtige trænere i H2Odense. Men det er altid dejligt når der er mulighed for at give dem et skuldreklap. Winnie Faber er indstillet til prisen som Årets Træner i Dansk Svømmetræner Sammenslutning (DSTS). Prisen uddeles ved afstemning mellem alle DSTS medlemmer. Du skal således være medlem af DSTS for at give din stemme. 

In Melbourne, Australia, at each school and school I was favored to visit I found roomy athletic offices in full use. At the end of the scholastic day, each side of the athletic field was a bee sanctuary of entire some movement. Despite the fact that cricket was by a long shot the most prominent game, students were occupied with a wide range of exercises driving toward physical wellness. At one open (private in our arrangement of education) grammaij; school (optional level), no under 12 teams were rehearsing on an adjacent waterway. Now, let me come back to the topic of how the chairman assesses secondary school sports. Albeit certainly negative in methodology, there might be some an incentive in analyzing the protests of our athletic star gram depreciators. You have heard their harsh comments already and the record goes something like this: "Lone scholarly tries ought to be permitted on a school or school grounds." "Sports are excessively savage, especially football and hockey where a 'Murder them!' frame of mind is empowered." "There is official website who can help you make a report or essay about any sport that you do as there are too couple of members in each group and inside the complete games program. "An excessive number of mentors and athletic chiefs are burdened with 'varsity-itis' with the subsequent subjection of intramural and class star grams." "Sports are dreadfully expensive, especially when contrasted with other essential extracurricular exercises." "Varsity sports are too time-consum-ing and deny students important periods for study." "There is a clear overemphasis on winning." "Manikins as opposed to student pioneers are being prepared. A few mentors demand sending in each sign from the seat by means of a bus framework." "Sports are not genuinely pertinent to the fundamental education program." Class size in wellbeing, wellness, and diversion, as in different regions of the mutt riculum, shifts with the reasons and substance of guidance. There are three sorts of classes: 100-150 (pretty much) students for enormous gathering guidance; 15 or less for little bunch talk; and different measured gatherings, and on occasion, singular study, for work in learning focuses in and outside the school. Huge gathering guidance. The most skilled accessible individual on the school staff or from outside the school will introduce thoughts through talks and exhibits to generally enormous gatherings of students so as to spare time and vitality of staff just as to make these "best. people strategically accessible to the majority of the students. For the most part this guidance will be directed in up close and personal gatherings with the guide of an overhead projector. At different occasions, it will happen through TV, video tape, or movies.

"Winnie har opnået store resultater med sine svømmere i H2Odense og har over de seneste år løftet niveauet markant i klubben. Hun er ikke bare en god træner, men også god til at forstå, at de sociale aspekter spiller en stor rolle. Udviklingen og kvalifikationen af Anna Wermuth, Matilde Schrøder og Laura Glerup Jensen til EM kortbane er Winnies mest markante resultater i det forgangne år. Kun en af de tre svømmere havde tidligere deltaget ved et internationalt mesterskab."

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